Evidence on Girl Capacity Strategy

Synthesizing evidence, identifying research gaps, and making recommendations on interventions—education, life skills, technical skills and apprenticeship, livelihoods, and changes in social norms—to reduce child marriage, delay first pregnancy, and increase female labor force participation in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Evaluation of the UDAAN Program in Rajasthan

Evaluating a government program that aims to reduce child marriage and adolescent pregnancy by improving girls’ enrollment and retention in secondary school and increasing knowledge of sexual and reproductive health.

Health-Seeking Behavior in Four Indian States  

Conducting a qualitative study health-seeking behaviors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu—for chronic respiratory disease in hospitalized adults and common reproductive health problems among women who sought treatment within the past year. 

Impact Assessment of Family Planning Program  

Analyses of family planning investments in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh: Collating and analyzing datasets; documenting, measuring and evaluating program effects in selected learning sites; and identifying evidence gaps.