Foundations For Health and Empowerment

Providing technical planning and advisory support for a human-centered design process, and development of adolescent-serving components, of a program to improve the health and well-being of women, girls, and their families and communities.

East African Digital Solutions to Air Quality Network

Synthesizing data on air pollution in East African urban areas to provide a road map to understand historic, contemporary, and future air quality and to design a roadmap to harness new data analytics and big data.

Harnessing Data to End Child Marriage

Deepening understanding of the diversity of experiences of child, early, and forced marriage and the effectiveness of interventions to build an evidence base for policies, programs, advocacy, and investments.

Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP)

Partnership of civil society, advocacy, and research institutions and philanthropic foundations; collaboration to influence national-level resourcing and programming for adolescent girls through government engagement using research, evidence synthesis, advocacy, and planning tools, including on COVID-19. 

A City that Welcomes Migrants

Evaluating programs that connect young women from rural villages who are migrating to the port city of Mongla, Bangladesh with the information and services they need to minimize risks.

Integrated Multi-Sector Multi-Scale Modeling

Modeling multiscale population and urbanization projections at national, state and spatial levels consistent with climate change scenarios for an integrated project on land, energy, and water system in the United States.

Accelerating Contraceptive Uptake Through Post-Pregnancy Care Models

Developing scalable, evidence-based solutions for increased and improved one-year contraceptive continuation following women’s and adolescent girls’ medical abortion self-administration, selecting sites, hiring data collectors, monitoring data collection, and analyzing data. 

Adolescent Atlas for Action (A3)

Building an interactive website with accessible analytics about adolescents across multiple sectors and insight on trends, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in order to promote evidence-based decision-making and investments in adolescents.