A City that Welcomes Migrants

Evaluating programs that connect young women from rural villages who are migrating to the port city of Mongla, Bangladesh with the information and services they need to minimize risks.

Climate Change and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender

Examining the effects of climate change on fertility and reproductive health outcomes and developing a conceptual framework to design and test adaptation interventions that build resiliency, with gender-based needs at the core, and sustainably protect and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Harnessing Data to End Child Marriage

Deepening understanding of the diversity of experiences of child, early, and forced marriage and the effectiveness of interventions to build an evidence base for policies, programs, advocacy, and investments.

Making the Most of What We Know

Conducting research to understand the relationship between child marriage and adolescent sexuality; and integrating research with experience gained through program implementation.

Promoting Adolescent Girls’ Voice and Agency

Evaluating different strategies for skills development and contrasting life-skills programs that promote adolescent voice and agency with programs that aim to improve education and work opportunities.