Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP)

Partnership of civil society, advocacy, and research institutions and philanthropic foundations; collaboration to influence national-level resourcing and programming for adolescent girls through government engagement using research, evidence synthesis, advocacy, and planning tools, including on COVID-19. 

Adolescent Atlas for Action (A3)

Building an interactive website with accessible analytics about adolescents across multiple sectors and insight on trends, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in order to promote evidence-based decision-making and investments in adolescents.

Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER)

Continuing to develop an interactive database of evidence and organizations working in the gender-and-education field to help the global community make informed investments and ensure better education results for girls, boys, and communities.

Investment in Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Designing a framework for optimizing transitions to adulthood to improve the lives of adolescents, their families, and communities; building an online analytical tool to synthesize data and evidence; and furthering knowledge on the relationship between adolescents, population, and climate change.