Community-based Comprehensive HIV Services

Strengthening capacity to better implement community-based HIV prevention, treatment, and care and support services for individuals at high risk in Lagos and Rivers States.

Adolescent Girls and Boys Vulnerability Index: Gender Dimension

Analyzing the vulnerabilities, gaps, and barriers to services and opportunities for adolescent girls; reviewing the policy context and current programs; and providing disaggregated analyses of adolescent vulnerability to improve investments and policies.

Amplify Family Planning (AmplifyFP)  

Developing an interdependent, integrated learning network of high impact practice incubators for task sharing and postpartum/post-abortion family planning, through successful public and private urban and peri-urban programs. 

Spotlight Initiative Nigeria

Addressing legislative and data gaps, sharing knowledge, strengthening systems, promoting gender-equitable attitudes, and assessing the feasibility of interventions to reduce gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.