ADVICE (Advancing Integrated Counseling with Evidence)

Integrating family planning and HIV counseling services to help women assess HIV risk and choice of family planning methods; developing tools to assess HIV vulnerability in family planning services; and planning global and regional convenings for establishing comprehensive recommendations.

Climate Change and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender

Examining the effects of climate change on fertility and reproductive health outcomes and developing a conceptual framework to design and test adaptation interventions that build resiliency, with gender-based needs at the core, and sustainably protect and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Global Fellowships

Hosting Global Health Corps Fellows for one year in order to mentor and build their leadership skills through work implementing and managing research activities. 

Harnessing Data to End Child Marriage

Deepening understanding of the diversity of experiences of child, early, and forced marriage and the effectiveness of interventions to build an evidence base for policies, programs, advocacy, and investments.