Safer Spaces for Young Women in Greater Cairo Slums

Investigating the drivers of sexual harassment in public spaces, influencing the design of interventions which combat harassment through creating safer and more inclusive spaces for young women, and empowering all community members to fight harassment.

Domestic Work, Sexual Abuse, and Exploitation

Increasing understanding of child domestic workers, including their experience of sexual abuse and transitions to sexual exploitation; and engaging partners in designing programs to prevent exploitation and support child domestic workers.

Investment in Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Designing a framework for optimizing transitions to adulthood to improve the lives of adolescents, their families, and communities; building an online analytical tool to synthesize data and evidence; and furthering knowledge on the relationship between adolescents, population, and climate change.

Secure Futures

Designing holistic safe-sports spaces to increase social support, life skills, and livelihoods opportunities for pregnant adolescent girls and young mothers in Nairobi slums.

Spotlight Initiative Nigeria

Addressing legislative and data gaps, sharing knowledge, strengthening systems, promoting gender-equitable attitudes, and assessing the feasibility of interventions to reduce gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.